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Love Recipients

With the help of our wonderful supporters here are some of the animals we have been able to help:


Rochetti  was rescued from a Puppy Mill Farm at 8 months of age as her breeders wanted to put her down due to a heart condition.  We were able to donate funds from our Medical Fund to assist with a small portion of the cost of her heart surgery.  She is schedule to undergo surgery on June 21st. 


Clyde was shot by one of his owner's neighbors for roaming out of his area.  His owner's surrendered him to Southwest Great Dane Rescue in order to provide him with the necessary care and better living situation.  He needed surgery, neutering, updated shots and Heartworm Treatment.  We helped to fund-raise to assist with the cost of his high vet bill so he would be ready to find his furever family. 


Romeo is a 4 year old Service dog  who found himself needing Lateral Suture Surgery to be able to walk and continue to be of service to his Mom.  We were able to fund-raise to assist with the cost of his surgery.  He is recovering from surgery now and getting some PT and enjoy walks with his Mom.

Quinn & Gray

Great Dane Brothers born with severe genetic issues due to the fact that their Mother was breed with her full brother.  Quinn and Gray require a lot of daily care and multiple therapy sessions each week.  We were able to help relive the financial burden for their Mom and Dad to allow them to focus on providing them with a loving environment.  We raised $1000 towards their weekly hydro-therapy and physical therapy sessions. 


Blind and Deaf, Charlotte was dumped on a rural road in TN.  She then found herself in an overcrowded shelter in need of medical care and surgery on her front paw to address an oozing sore that was thought to be cancerous. She did find an amazing foster home to provide her with the love and care she needed during this time.  With the help of our supporters, we raised $550 and we were able to help cover the cost of her surgery and get her healthy in order to find her forever home.  

Update:  Test results are in and the biopsy of her leg was NON-cancerous!!  


 Gretchen lived a life of neglect until she was rescued by TRU rescue.  As a tiny puppy, her lack of human supervision found her at the bottom of a sewer drain! She was rescued by heroes, but unfortunately her neglect continued ....her owners ran over her hind legs - breaking both of them. Instead of taking her to the vet, her owners abandoned her at a local shelter. She is the sweetest little girl with super soft fur and a very affectionate personality.  We were able to help with the cost of her surgery by donating $283 towards her care.


Angel's Mom is disabled on a fixed income and reached out for  help in getting Angel caught up on her shots and getting spayed.   She is in a loving home and provides so much comfort to her mom that we wanted to help her stay there and healthy.  We partnered with a rescue in Angel's area to get her the care she needed with a Love Grant of $230.    We appreciated the fact that her mom recognized the need for spay in order to help prevent any unwanted pregnancies to add to the current overpopulation of animals.  Angel is going in for her spay on April 25th and also to get her HW test which we are hopeful is negative. 

The Ringworm Pups

A small rescue in TN saved a litter of puppies that all needed immediate vet attention! 7 six week old puppies that were weak, skinny, and had ringworms. They were full of worms and need shots, dewormer, vitamins, formula, food, etc. One had already passed away. We were too late for that baby. We assisted with providing funds ($190) for their care and to ensure that mom was spayed. 

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