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We are super excited to announce a partnership with Heroes Self Defense Foundation (HSDF)!

This 501c3 foundation was founded by a Delaware State Trooper to an effort to help provide support to the K9 officers nationwide. This partnership is two fold and allows us to help K9 officers across the country and in our local area AND support Tanner’s Medical Fund.

Firstly, TEL and HSDF are joining forces with Concord Pet Foods & Supplies to send care packages to K9 officers who are injured in the line of duty. Many of the Departments simply supply the K9’s with the medical and basic food needs. They do not supply treats, enrichment or comfort need items. This is up to K9 handler to supply at their personal expense. Our intent is to help with those needs as K9 officers recover from injuries incurred while serving and protecting their community.



Secondly, the Rods and Rescue Calendar will be returning for 2021!!!! The calendar will once again feature Classic cars and rescue animals. However, in addition, it will feature some of the K9 officers (with the classic cars) from the Tri-State area!
Jennifer Beers Photography has enthusiastically agreed to donate her time and services as our photographer again for this project. As part of our Partnership with HSDF, we will also be donating a portion of calendar sale proceeds to them to purchase Ballistic vests for the K9 officers. The remaining calendar sale proceeds will go to TEL’s Medical Fund to help us to continue to help rescue animals in need!

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