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Sadie's Puppies

On April 25th Saide gave birth to 10 Puppies. Sadly last night we had to rush one of the male puppies Colton to the ER and helped him peacefully cross the Rainbow bridge. His remaining 9 siblings were brought into us there to for examination and they were showing the beginnings of similar symptoms. 5 of the 9 have swollen glands and fluid build up in their necks and all have been started on antibiotics. We don’t know the cause or what exactly is going on yet. We did authorize Colton’s neck to be lanced and the fluid buildup to be drained and sent for culture to helpfully give us some answers but that is going to take a couple days. Our bill for last night from VSC was $1037.81. In the meantime, Helena and Amos are in need of a blood transfusion. Drogo's neck has significantly gotten worse over night so all three are currently in route to Univ Of Penn. The ER vet last night believes in addition to the transfusion they will likely want to drain that fluid to relieve pressure in their necks to prevent further issues. We anticipate them being at Penn at least for 24-48 hours. Please consider donating to these sweet little babies who are fighting for their life. 

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