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Flamingo Flocking

Get ready!!!!

the 2018 Flamingo Flocking season Starts in new castle county, delaware on may 18th  

Arrange  A Flocking

Give a fun-loving family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague a yard full of flamingos! 

we have 3 different flocks available for purchase. A small flock of 12 Flamingo's for $20, A medium flock of 24 flamingos for $35, and a large flock of 48 flamingos for $50. 

Whats included in your flocking:

  • 2-4 days of nesting

  • we've been flocked yard sign

  • letter accompanying our feathered friends explaining their arrival

  • Picture of migrated flamingos on our instagram account

Warning: Your flockee can find out who flocked them for a $10 donation, or if a flocking has been arranged by them after their flocking.

Flockee Must live within New castle county Delaware. if you live just outside these limits please send us an email. 

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I've been Flocked! 

You came home or walked outside your house and there was a migration of pink flamingos in your front yard! Don't let your curiosity kill the cat! Head down to the link below and for a $ 10 donation we will email you the name of your Flocker. If you would like to flock someone else we will automatically send you the name of your flocker. 

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Flocking Insurance 

Want to make sure flamingo's dont nest on your lawn! We have just the thing for you. your flocking insurance premium will cost $25 and will ensure that our pink feathered friends don't migrate to your lawn for the 2018 flocking season.  

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